I'm always reading articles on design, research and technology. Here's my little corner where I post links to the best articles I find.

Needfinding for Disruptive Innovation

by Christina Wodtke

I came across this article some time ago and was recently directed back to it via Leisa's Reading List. I love how Christina has detailed the how and why of arranging and rearranging data points in different ways. For me, synthesis is one of the most important parts in the process and the more ways to understand what I have learned the better!

The Divisiveness of Design Thinking

by Jon Kolko

I always enjoy Jon's writing and this article is no exception. In the past I've witnessed the management consultant's version of 'Design Thinking' and, well, felt a bit dirty. Perhaps it's self-preservation but I can't help but agree with Jon's closing point regarding "designers who can make things" (I won't spoil it for you).